About Xerox® Printheads

For more than 20 years, Xerox has developed and manufactured the most reliable piezoelectric printheads for use in digital printing applications. We’ve manufactured over 2 million printheads for Xerox’s industry-leading printing systems, and now we’re expanding our product line to industrial inkjet printing applications.

Industrial Inkjet Printing Capabilities

Our industrial inkjet printheads are capable of jetting a wide variety of materials with ultimate productivity and reliability. Each printhead family is available with our jet-to-jet calibration, which tunes each jet in the array for the utmost precision and performance. Our printheads have been tested over trillions of cycles without failure, ensuring that our customers can develop the most reliable systems with our printheads.

Printhead Possibilities Are Endless

We provide printhead and drive electronic solutions for digital applications in textile printing, 3D printing, direct-to-object printing, coding/packaging, pattern applications and more. There’s potential for using printheads in practically every digital system you can imagine.

We partner with our customers to make industrial inkjet printhead technology adoption quick and easy, as evidenced by our:

  • Innovative ink/printhead development systems
  • Easy-to-integrate drive electronics that interface with all of our printhead families
  • Custom-designed print bar assemblies

Talk to us to explore the possibilities of integrating into your next digital system.