Xerox® Electronics / Development Kits

Our components help system integrators easily adopt Xerox technology into their systems.

Xerox® Drive Module

Xerox Drive Module (XDM) enables system integrators to simply connect the drive module to either the M Series or W Series printheads and the XDM will automatically send the printhead executable commands. System integrators only need a PCIE output and a bitmap file and the XDM takes care of the rest. In addition, the XDM has several I/O which can be used to control components in the solution delivery system, such as the pump/valve control, etc.

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Xerox<sup>®</sup> Integrated Development Kit

Xerox® Integrated Development Kit

Xerox® Integrated Development Kit can be provided in our M and W series of industrial inkjet printheads. An integrated solution delivery system, and the drive electronics, help system integrators get up to speed with the printhead in a short time.

Xerox<sup>®</sup> Custom Print-bar Assembly

Xerox® Custom Print-bar Assembly

We offer several custom print bar assemblies for our M Series and W Series industrial inkjet printheads. Custom print bars can be fabricated based off the current design to meet your printing needs. Contact our sales team with your specific need.

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