Xerox T® Series Industrial Inkjet Printheads

Rugged design with wide printing area and excellent productivity.

Xerox® T Series Industrial Inkjet Printheads contain 1,236 active nozzles across an 8.2” printing array. Stainless steel construction of the core jetstack and wider operating temperatures make this series suitable for a wide variety of materials and processes.

  • 1,236 active nozzles
  • Up to 150 npi (single channel)
  • Available in 124 channel configurations
  • Available with jet-to-jet calibration for uniform jetting
Xerox<sup>®</sup> T1 / T2 / T4 Inkjet Jetstack

Xerox® T1 / T2 / T4 Inkjet Jetstack

  • Designed to integrate with supplier’s reservoir
  • Can be used in horizontal, down fire applications
  • Up to 130°C applications
  • Designed for UV, aqueous and hot-melt materials

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