Custom Inks for Industrial Applications

Specialty hot melt inks designed for a range of applications

Hot melt inks (also known as “phase change” or “solid” inks) are wax-based inks which are solid at room temperature and jetted as a molten liquid that quickly freezes on the print substrate. Hot melt inks require no drying time, will not smear, and are free of solvents, making them an excellent choice for many diverse printing applications, including:

  • Box Printing
  • Textile Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Direct to Object Printing
  • Lens Printing

Building on our 30+ years of experience designing and manufacturing hot melt inks in Wilsonville, OR, we now offer specialty hot-melt technology to industrial system integrators for use in their applications. Contact us and let our expertise help you on your next project.

Xerox® LI-Series Ink

  • Vibrant Colors — available in white and yellow for exceptional visibility
  • Easy To Handle — ink cubes are solid at room temperature and mess-free
  • Waterless and Solvent-Free — solidifies rapidly after printing, will not bleed, and does not require drying time
  • Adheres to a Range of Substrates — including coated lenses, cardboard, paper and more

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Xerox® Water-Dispersible Black Ink

  • Easy-To-Handle — ink cubes are solid at room temperature and mess-free
  • High Optical Density — ideal for UV-resist applications
  • Completely Water-soluble — for quick and easy removal with no residual waste solids
  • Dye-Based Formulation — avoids problems of pigment settling in printhead
  • No Drying Time Required — solid ink solidifies rapidly after printing
  • Every Batch Undergoes Quality Control Testing — to ensure compliance with specifications

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